Alcohol Promotions and Events

Alcohol promotions and events have come a long way since simply offering taste testing in your local bottle shop and offering a free key ring with the purchase of a spirit at a bar. Many alcohol brands are now trying to coincide with major events across Australia to help differentiate themselves from their competitors and associate themselves with an event that reflects their brand image.

Prominent champagne brands such as G.H. Mumm and Veuve Clicquot have associated themselves and sponsored such events as the Melbourne Cup and the Formula One Grand Prix. These events gain very high media exposure and therefore their brands are placed in the forefront of consumers’ minds. While their leading competitor Moet & Chandon (which holds 50% market share) has focused instead on partnering with Crown to host their Australian Open events.

Most spirit brands have also stepped it up a notch for their brand promotion and events creating beautiful costumes and outfits for their promotional models to wear to give their brand a better identity. Brands such as Captain Morgan have created a pirate themed brand image with an actor playing the part of the actual Captain Morgan at all of their activations. Other brands such as Hennessy and Jagermeister have created team names; The Jagerettes and the Hennessy Angels and have sponsored many youth based events.

Lush Models has recently partnered with Pommery champagne and with our partnership we hope to bring Pommery to the forefront of the champagne market. There will be many luxurious French Riviera inspired brand activations taking place throughout Australia over the next 6 months. Pommery was the first champagne to introduce dry champagne, prior to this champagne was always very sweet. Madame Pommery’s innovation was embraced worldwide and was copied by many competitors. Pommery has since been associated with many high-end brands and events such as Cartier, Royal Weddings, The MCA in Sydney and The Villa Medici in Rome.

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