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Australian Modelling Agencies: How to choose the right Australian model agency for your brands marketing campaigns

LUSH Models is a multifaceted promotional and modelling agency aimed at developing and implementing strategies to help grow businesses and get consumers talking about brands. Lush Models bring over 15 years of experience to their well-oiled company and offer unique ideas to penetrate the Australian Modelling Agencies market.

It is very important when choosing an Australian Model agency to pick one that has lots of experience in the industry to ensure that you recieve the best outcome for your event or Marketing campaign.

If your business is in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth or Adelaide and requires Australian model agency staff then Lush Models is the name to remember.


Some of the many Services we offer are listed below.


LUSH takes great pride in providing highly experienced Hosts and Hostesses for any event. Our team is skillful in food and beverage service – holding valid RSAs, are reliable, friendly and well groomed.

Each Lush Model Australian Modelling agencies Host or Hostesses is employed to engage, promote and represent your brand in the most professional and effective way.

LUSH Hosts and Hostesses have worked for a diverse range of clients and have a proven record for increasing customer engagement and producing sales spikes of promoted products for our clients.

Tv Commercial Talent:

LUSH has a team of experience talent who specialize in TV Commercials. With acting credentials and experience in front of the camera, our talent have become the faces of some well-known brands. At LUSH, we have the talent you’ve been looking for

Exhibition Staffing:

LUSH Exhibition Staff are among some of the most experienced in the business. They are trained on each and every brand and effectively communicate your brand messages by engaging consumers and promoting your products or services.

Fashion Models for Fashion Shows:

Our experienced Fashion Models have what it takes to strut your designs on the catwalk and create a buzz around your brand. Our Models are all professionally trained with a solid body of work and one of the best australian modelling agencies around.

Event Management:

LUSH has the experience to manage the smallest to the largest of events. We offer innovative, creative and on brand management from conception to launch. Our trained events staff are fully capable to run your event, manage staff and engage with your customer base. You’ll feel at ease with a LUSH Australian Modelling Agencies team member working with you on your next Event, Product Launch or Campaign.

Ad Campaigns:

LUSH Models have been burning up the print pages for years. They are vibrant, professional and know how to promote your products or services. Each Model is fully briefed on Ad Campaigns and will deliver a ravishing gloss cover first time, every time.

LUSH Australian model agency has proven time again that its campaign strategies and brand activations add to the success of expanding brand awareness of their client’s businesses. Whilst LUSH remains a competitive agency in the australian modelling agencies market, its promise of strategy success does not come with an over inflated price tag. Lush Model CEO Thea says that,

“What we can guarantee is that you’ll get more for your dollar by choosing to work with LUSH Models.”

Our goal at LUSH Models is to deliver the best customer experience using our years of experience in the industry, produce tailored Marketing and Advertising solutions for your brand and be true market leaders in our industry.


Contact us today to book one of our LUSH Models for your next event or promotion.


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