Model tips that’ll get you working.

Model life can be very competitive and we’ve come up with 3 tips to help you book more work. 1. An energetic personality is key to getting you noticed. Always put your best foot forward and treat everyone you meet like they’re your next employer, why? Because people...
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Modeling Agencies

Australian Modeling Agencies are a dime a dozen but what sets them apart?

What makes LUSH Models different to all the rest? Well we think we’re different from the other Modeling Agencies in a few ways. We choose a varied range of male and female models, both youthful and mature to suit...
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Mature Models

Mature Models driving campaigns.

Mature models can really add that extra appeal when marketing a brand. They provide a sense of longevity, wisdom and quality, connecting to a certain demographic that sometimes goes unnoticed. The australian model agencies industry is diversifying in 2015 with a strong focus toward...
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Australian Modelling Agencies

Australian Modelling Agencies: How to choose the right Australian model agency for your brands marketing campaigns

LUSH Models is a multifaceted promotional and modelling agency aimed at developing and implementing strategies to help grow businesses and get consumers talking about brands. Lush Models bring over 15 years of experience to their well-oiled...
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Male Model

Male Model: Being a male model.

If you are a Male Model or thinking about becoming a male model there’s a few things you can do to make sure you stand out in the crowd. Take any opportunity to be seen by promoting brands and get paid for it. It doesn’t have to...
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Male Models

Male Models: Our Male Models have what it takes to get the job done.

Choosing Male Models for your next job can be a task, but the main thing we look for in a male model is a point of difference, what they do that’s unique to them and can’t be replicated....
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Promo Girls: The Australian Grand Prix

  • Lush Models grand prix pic 1

Promo Girls: Why are they so Interested to work at this event?

Every year in March all eyes are on Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix. It is quite possibly one of the most glamorous and exciting events that Melbourne has to offer for Promo Girls. Melbourne is our capital of sport and does not disappoint with the Grand Prix even with its unpredictable ‘rain, hail or shine’ weather.

All the Promo Girls in Melbourne and even Australia would love to be a part of this event whether it may be working as a hostess at one of the many high end after parties, working as a grid girl for one of the superior car brands such as Ferrari or even being the face of the whole event.

Some of the previous Promo Girls who have donned the prestigious title of being ‘face or the race’ have gone on to pursue very successful modelling careers.

These have included; Chelsea Scanlan, Pia Miller, Ashley Hart and Kate Peck. One of the most noticeable names include Ashley Hart who is now an international model based in LA and most recently competed on Dancing with the Stars and has since been the face of Bonds, Mambo and Swisse.

Kate Peck who started her Career as a Promo Girl has also progressed onto a very successful modelling and acting career after being the ‘face of the race’ in 2012 and has been an MTV presenter and Myer Ambassador.

The Promo Girls that work at this event are selected from only the best applicants from around Australia. The models also usually do get all of the perks that this event has to offer which includes invites to the prestigious and highly sought after ‘after parties’, beautiful designer outfits some brands such as Ferrari even include matching make up, and being photographed with drivers for media releases pre and post the event.

Since Farmer Wants a Wife our Melbourne model Sarah has gone on to host the LFL on 7 mate.
— Lush Model

Sarah FarmerCan appearing on a TV Show help improve my modeling/promotional modeling career?

Many models look at appearing on TV Shows to greatly heighten their exposure so they are recognized more and stand out amongst the pack. Quite a few Lush Models have appeared on TV Shows such as; Beauty and the Geek, Australia’s Next Top Model, The Bachelor, Big Brother and Farmer Wants a Wife. All of the models that we have on our books have gone on to be some of the most sought after models in Australia and have furthered their careers into different areas such as acting or presenting.

There is a downside to appearing on these so-called “reality” shows and that is you can be typecast through heavy editing into a person that you’re not. Some girls have said that the producers from these shows heavily edit them so much they even string together sentences that they apparently said but did not actually occur. Every one of the Lush Models that have appeared on TV Shows though has said they have thoroughly enjoyed it and the lifelong friendships they have made.

Since Farmer Wants a Wife our Melbourne model Sarah has gone on to host the LFL on 7 mate. Sarah from Sydney since winning Beauty and the Geek a few years ago has gone onto a very successful modeling and presenting career. Rochelle last year’s runner up on The Bachelor has also gone onto a very successful modeling career in 2014. Although appearing on a show as heavily watched as The Bachelor did have it’s downside as she has said she gets recognized nearly everywhere she goes as the girl who came second.

Appearing on a TV Show can most definitely improve your modeling/promotional-modeling career and it is highly encouraged at Lush Models if it is something you are comfortable in doing. Lush Models has been contacted for models to appear on shows such as The Bachelor and Big Brother.



Models: What to look for when searching for Male and Female Models.

So you need a Model or Models and you don’t really know where to start. Lush Modeling agency is pretty experienced in this area. When choosing models to represent your brand we focus on providing the most experienced and well suited...
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