Hostessing and Hosting is a growing phenomenon in Australia

Hostesses and Hosts have been around for decades most noticeably in Europe and America. It is quite a new concept in Australia although some areas have grasped the concept quite quickly especially Melbourne.

Melbourne bars and restaurants take in inspiration and design ideas from the most prominent bars in New York and London. One of the most popular nightclubs in Melbourne ‘Spice Market’ has taken interior design ideas directly from New York with hanging birdcages and Middle Eastern inspired VIP booths. They have also integrated the concept of having hostesses for many years now to create a more premium and personalised edge to their venue. Nearly every large event and every prominent Melbourne venue now has hostesses that have come from a modelling or promotional modelling background.

Sydney and Brisbane are slowly picking up on the hostessing/hosting concept and having weekly door hostesses/hosts at their venues. Lush Models provides hostessing services now in Sydney at Café Chicane and Gamabaros Restaurant in Brisbane and their business has greatly increased. Having the same hostess on a weekly basis at the venue creates a more personalised edge as the hostesses get to know all of the regular patrons at the venue as well as being able to draw in more customers.

Hosting/Hostessing usually involves meeting and greeting guests at the front door of a venue, marking them off a guest list (if required) and basic Maitridee service. It is not quite the same as promotional modelling although the client usually does favour if you come from that work background as you usually have heightened customer relation skills. Most of the time the clients to require a certain look from you for hosting/hostessing as you do need to ‘stand out among the crowd’.

This may include being of a certain height, smiley, very approachable and being quite polished and refined as some of the customers you may encounter will be VIPs from around the world. Many of the models on the Lush Model books have hosted/hostessed for many high end clients such as; Richard Branson, James Packer, the Australian Cricket Team, Ed Sheeran and Kim Kardashian.

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