Is Sports Modelling a growing Australian Trend?

Sports modelling and leading a fit and healthy lifestyle is a growing trend amongst most Australians. It has created a positive effect amongst most youth in Australia whether it being a physique they can aspire to or just merely taking in healthier food options.

Sports’ modelling itself has long changed since Arnold Schwarzenegger days of having mainly just large muscles and excluding the female population. It has now progressed into being just more toned and defined by exercising regularly (but not over exerting yourself) and incorporating healthier meal options into your diet. Exercising is not just about lifting weights it is about finding something that you enjoy and can incorporate into your lifestyle whether that be yoga, playing a team sport or even bush-walking/hiking.

New sports brands are emerging on a daily basis and are evolving to suit their consumers’ needs. One of our Lush Models from Queensland Jacinta has developed her own sportswear label called Jacinta Cara and has released a new pair of sport shorts/leggings called La Booty. As many women do get quite self conscious when exercising especially in a gym environment products like “La Booty” which are meant to flatter your body will do extremely well amongst the female population.

Many men and women nowadays aspire to be fitness models and would love to represent brands such as Lorna Jayne, Nike or Adidas as they are very passionate about the healthy lifestyle they are leading and the brands they may represent. At Lush Models we represent many sports models from around Australia and they are all very passionate about leading a healthier life. By integrating exercise and a healthier diet, it not only benefits your appearance it also strengthens the mind and spirit by releasing positive endorphins your body.

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