Male Models

Male Models: Our Male Models have what it takes to get the job done.

Choosing Male Models for your next job can be a task, but the main thing we look for in a male model is a point of difference, what they do that’s unique to them and can’t be replicated. We hire male models that are versatile and can work across fashion, beauty and lifestyle, in print, on the runway, on TV and in promo events. As far as male models go, we think our modeling agency has a solid team to choose from. There’s no cookie cutter mold at LUSH Models we provide male and female promo models that’ll get your brand noticed and set you apart from the crowd.

Each of our male models has come to us with a wealth of experience and talent, which means getting them working on great brand campaigns is effortless. We always get great feedback from clients at the quality of talent on our books, which gives us great confidence in booking them on jobs time and time again.

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