Mature Models

Mature Models driving campaigns.

Mature models can really add that extra appeal when marketing a brand. They provide a sense of longevity, wisdom and quality, connecting to a certain demographic that sometimes goes unnoticed. The australian model agencies industry is diversifying in 2015 with a strong focus toward mature models and we think that’s great!

Modeling is not just for the young’uns, mature models are booking jobs all over town and rightly so. High-end fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands are leading the way and it’s only a matter of time before male and female mature models will be popping up everywhere.

Big and small Brands are now realising that youthfulness is not the only thing that helps sell their brand and that using mature female models or mature male models for their campaigns and activations is a step in the right direction. Hiring models of all ages makes sense and means that every age is represented in the today’s market, catering for a fuller more inclusive consumer experience.

If your looking for an agency that is also a mature models agency then look no further than Lush Models.

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