Can Promotional Models in Sydney make a full time Career out of this Industry?

There are many men and women in Sydney looking to pursue a full time career in being a promotional model. Most people are unaware of this and think that promotional work is merely casual work to get you through your studies or if you are in between work. This however is not the case and many men and women in Sydney and even throughout Australia have pursued promotional modelling as a full time career.

The kind of person it takes to work full time as a promotional model thrives in a customer service environment. They love to be outside of an office environment where they can engage with customers about the brands they are promoting. They also love to balanced lifestyle it creates giving them the freedom to pick and choose which events and products they would like to promote as well as the days they would like to work.

Some of the models on the Lush Model books have transitioned from a full time career into full time promotional modelling work. Frances who is featured on the current season of Beauty and the Geek has moved from Dunedin in New Zealand to Sydney Australia two years ago and has had many opportunities arisen. She has said that most girls who don’t continue study after high school usually end up working in retail or in a coffee shop as there aren’t many opportunities in Dunedin for work. She has since grown to be one of the most sought after promotional models in Sydney and her hometown is very proud of everything she has achieved.

Another promotional model Amy from Sydney left her full time career as a beautician to pursue promotional modelling. She has said the opportunities are endless and now gets requested to work on some of the biggest events in Sydney such as Sydney Fashion Week and Coca Cola’s summer campaign.

Many promotional models take on promotion work as their bread and butter as they are also either an actor, model or musician as well. Some of the men and women on the Lush Model books have attended acting schools such as NIDA or have appeared on TV Shows such as Beauty & the Geek, The Bachelor and Australia’s Next Top Model. Since they are essentially performing artists on the side they are excellent candidates for promotions work as they are very engaging with customers. At Lush Models in Sydney we have Laura and Rochelle who both appeared on The Bachelor as well as Frances, Sarah and Jordan who were on Beauty & the Geek.

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